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Businesses / Energy Plans

Custom Business Price Plans

Want an energy plan customised to your business needs? If your monthly electricity bill is above $1000, request for a custom quote that suits the scale of your business.

Fuel Indexed Plan

Fuel Indexed Plan

Optimise your price plan by pegging your electricity rate to a formula based on the floating fuel and forex rate. You'll be able to capitalize on moving market prices to maximise savings.

  • Great for businesses that can monitor and maximise energy usage according to the market’s fuel and forex rate
  • Suitable for those able to manage fluid operating costs

Discount Off Tariff (DOT) Plan

Discount Off Tariff (DOT) Plan

Enjoy a guaranteed discount on SP Group's regulated tariff rates that are subject to quarterly revisions. Enjoy greater certainty and reassurance knowing that you'll receive guaranteed savings each month.

  • Guaranteed savings on the quarterly tariff
  • Improves financial planning and allows for more effective budgeting

Fixed Price Plans

Fixed Price Plans

Enjoy greater peace of mind with fixed rates throughout your contract with us. You'll enjoy the same flat rate every day, without the unpredictability of price fluctuations.

  • Price stability
  • Protected against rate volatility
  • Improves financial planning and allows for more effective budgeting
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Looking for a new energy partner?

We're interested. Let us know your requirements, and we'll get back to you shortly. In the meantime, if you wish to learn more about the energy terms, check out our Energy Glossary for more information.

For the latest news and updates, our collection of informative blogs is sure to enlighten you on the ins and outs of Singapore’s energy business, from savvy tips on electricity meter readings to a listing of the best LED light bulbs, it's all here!

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